WF#3 – Mornin’ Sunshine

August 2, 2017

When I lived in Australia, I got very familiar with the beauty brand Lipstick Queen – the founder Poppy King, is from Melbourne and I think she’s a big inspriration and so cool! She started Lipstick Queen because she couldn’t find the perfect lipstick – so she created her own, and that was the beginning for Lipstick Queen!
That’s pretty awesome and I understand why the Australians are proud. The brand is huge in the states and have started to make an impression on the European marked.

I’m not the biggest lipstick fan – even though Massimo (from MAC) was trying to convince me the other day – Maybe you saw this photo? – Maybe I’ll be brave enough one day. But I have fallen for the lip-stick Mornin’ Sunshine..

Mornin’ Sunshine is yellow, which makes me smile every time I apply it – but don’t worry, your lips won’t be yellow,  but it will transform from yellow to the prettiest peachy coral color. How cool is that?!

Lipstick Queen do also have two others lipsticks, Frog Prince and Hello Sailor – they do also transfroms into other colors
– check them out here.

Are you familiar with Lipstick Queen?


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