The Ultimate Beauty Guide To Amsterdam

July 24, 2017

I’ve just been in Amsterdam with Rituals and even though we didn’t have much sparetime. I had to visit all the beauty stores I had on my list and luckily I made it, with a quick taxa ride back to the hotel and 7 minutes to get dressed for a dinner party!! Not all the boutiques made it to this list, but 4 did! And one Juice-bar – we all need a snack in-between shopping!

SKINS COSMETICS – The Beauty Shop you must visit once in your life.

I had know idea what kind of shop this was, I put the name on my list for years ago (I’ve a long list of beauty boutiques, around the world) – but it was a really nice surprise! Skin Cosmetics is a 2 level beauty boutique and with no doubt in my mind, is this one of the most amazing niche boutique I’ve ever come across.
Each brand is carefully selected and I could have spend days! They have the full range of Aesop, Diptyque, Byredo, CREED, KILIAN, but also skincare brands as Caudalie, Susanne Kaufman and Coola. I visit the shop with a college, Helene and we agreed that this is a must visit! Especially if you love perfumes.


Marie-Stella-Maris – If you care about clean water

2 Minutes from Skin Cosmetics, you’ll find the flagship store for Marie-Stella-Maris. They donate a fixed amount from each purchase for drinking water projects worldwide – they believe that everyone should be able to drink clean water. And I couldn’t agree more!
The store is beautiful and you can easily see that one of the founders used to work in fashion – The visuel is on point!
The products are created with natural ingrediens and I really like the clean look – and I’ve already a few I want to try!
Have you tried any?

OTENTIC – If you wants to explore and learn more about scents. 

3 blocks from Marie-Stella-Maris, you’ll find OTENTIC at the corner of Keizersgracht 233. If I didn’t had the store on my list, I would never have walked in there. Because to be honest, the decour is not appealing and it’s a real shame, because their concept is quite unique and very customer friendly.
OTENTIC is a perfume store, with 8 counters, each counter has a “base scent” so lets say you like floral scents, you can go over to the “floral counter”, press the scene above and you have 8 different scents to choose from. You can read about each scent, which I really like! The lightest scent are no. 1 and the heaviest are no. 8. Such a fun concept and you get a papir so you can croos the ones you like and try them on when you are done.
A fun and easy way to shop perfumes!

COSMANIA – The Niche Beauty Store 

On the next street, from OTENTIC, you’ll find COSMANIA, and If SKIN COSMETICS is too overwhelming – this is a great alternative. Cosmania has a nice, but smaller collection of beauty brands and they have some of my favorite brands like Inglot, Malin & Goetz and This Works.. They do also have a collection for men and some cool niche parfumes. It’s differently worth a visit and they have some different and more affordable brands than Skin Cosmetics does.


Next to COSMANIA, you’ll find the nicest Juice-bar called Dr. BLEND. – The juice was amazing! Differently great if you need a quick boost!

And If you don’t have Rituals in your home country, you must visit one here! The one on Utrechtsestraat 84, has an Urban Spa at the end of the store (It’s the one of the top photo). What I LOVE about Rituals is that their prices are very affordable, and the products are amazing.. So don’t be scared, just because the prices are great:)

If you have any other beauty tips for Amsterdam, please leave a comment!





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