How you take care of your Beard

July 18, 2017

My Google Analytic says that there are some men out there! So here is one for you! or if you have a boyfriend who has a BEARD. Because a beard needs some good products to keep it a good-looking one.. And yes! You can see a difference.
The ones who follow me on Instagram, are probably familiar with my husband Mark, who has a beard. Mark started to grow his beard, for about 3 years ago.
He was only going to have it while we were in India for 3 months, but apparently his inner-hippie got awaken and the beard has been there ever since. But I’m not complaining, as long as he takes care of it.

So if you, or you know someone that needs to upgrade their beard-game – This is your time to pay attention!

If you want your beard to look fresh and neat, (yes, we all want that) it needs to be washed and combed everyday!
And it’s not enough to use whatever, that drips down from the left-over shampoo or body wash, to wash your beard with, it’s needs to be washed properly.
Because a beard is directly exposed to drinks and food, so a daily wash is a must. I’ll say morning and evening, but once a day is a good start. Afterwards use a comb or a brush.
Depending on the length of the beard, you might feel your beard easily get wild, frizzy or out of control and in my experiences a lot of men, – just give up here – but gentlemen it’s easy to take control.
Use a balm or a leave-in conditioner and if you experiences any skin irritation under the beard, a beard oil could be your solution. Men with extra long beard or mustache needs a wax. A Beard-wax is also what you need if you wants to create some cool styles or just wish to keep your mustache out of your mouth.

SO with only a few products, you can get a beard,
that everyone will admire. 

You can use a regular shampoo for your beard, but I’ll make sure to use one that’s free from SLS, because SLS can cause dryness and irritation for your skin that’s under the beard.
The scent in a regular shampoo can also be too much, when using it just around your mouth, so a good beard Shampoo may be the right choice. – But again it’s up to you – as long as you clean it;)
The Bulldog 2-1 Shampoo and Conditioner is great, because it cleans and soften the beard at the same time, while the scent is very mild. I’ve heard that the Beardsley shampoo should be good too, but I know you guys – you want it to be as  easy as possible and the 2-1 from Bulldog is.

And then a comb or a brush good is good to use.
If you want to add more shine to your beard a brush with boar bristle hair is the best to “polish” the beard – but that should only be used on dry hair. – maybe your girlfriend has a Mason Pearson brush? Give that one a try and if you like the look, a Kent Brush is a good choice- they create some of the best brushes for men.
Otherwise a regular comb or small brush like this from Bjørn Axén is good too.

So the following products are really up to you, if a shampoo is enough, that great – but if you want to have more control over your beard, a beard balm works great! Leave-in conditioner, are also good to soften a long beard.
If you experience any skin-irritations under the beard, a beard oil could be a good solution, this can also happens if you have a short beard. Use the oil while your beard is damp and make sure to touch your skin while you’re applying it. – Just make sure your are using a beard oil, that contains natural oils, those can be a bit more expensive, but they are worth it!
And again, if your girlfriend has an oil in the cabin, give that one a try – you only need a few drops.

That’s all for now! If you have any tips you want to share, don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

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    1. Really very informative post! To keep your healthy beard you must use natural beard products that provide proper nutrients to your hair without having any side effects!

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