In Amsterdam With Rituals

July 13, 2017

Slow Down, was the big theme at the Ritual event in Amsterdam – I was among 32 bloggers from all over Europe ( and 2 girls from New York) who was so lucky to be invited to the beautiful city, Amsterdam – The city, Rituals is founded.

We arrived Monday at noon, and I went straight out, to visit some stores for my “Beauty Guide to Amsterdam” – which will be posted next week! Then we all went to the headquarters were we meet the founder of Rituals, Raymond – who is a really cool guy! We got to see the office and the evening was filled with fun activities.
I found this inspiring interview with him, which really sums up his personality. – And how amazing is it, to start a brand in a basement, only 4 people (in 2000) and at the end of this year (2017) they will have 650 stores world-wide. WOW!

The following day started with meditation, breakfast and then two workshops. I decided to go a fragrances workshop, which was held by Firmenich. The company who creates all the scents for Rituals. And you all know how much I love perfumes and scents, so this was just the right workshop for me! So inspiring.

After lunch, we had over next workshop and I had a workshop with Rituals International trainer Christa, who was amazing! It was all about how we can create our routines into rituals. She gaves us different tools, some I would like to share with you all later on.

OUDH, – A very popular scent. This candle is created in collaboration with perfumer from the Middle East! Who is a “OUDH” specielist
Created by the artist Mimi Nizan

We had our dinner at “Avocado Show” and we all got a beautiful drawing, which showed us were to sit. How cool is that?

On Our last day, we started with meditation and afterwards the famous chef, Jonathan Karpathios stopped by to teach us about organic food and how food should be our medicine – and then we ate a bunch of flowers and herbs, so much fun!

Then we had lunch and went to the airport!
I’m so grateful for the past few days – so amazing to meet “colleges” from all around the world and get new inspiration and ideas, we can pass on to you – our readers.


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