Lets have a look at my Perfume wardrobe for summer

July 8, 2017

Do you have a perfume wardrobe? I would lie if I said I don’t!
Because in my opinion, I believe there is a scent for every occasion and season – and it’s not just an excuse to shop perfumes, because perfumes can be a real game changer, when it comes to our mood and the way we appear to others. Or just to ourself. – So if I want a “fresh start” buying a new perfume can help me to reach that. It’s my crazy way of therapy, were I visit the perfume counter, try on some different scents, wait a few days and go back and buy the parfume I feel most attracted to. And every time I apply that particular perfume, it’s a gently reminder to myself – Because I’m the only one that can change the way I live.

Scents have an amazing power to trick our memory and some scents can take me right back to a moment in my memory and that’s also why I believe, that, if you have a perfume that brings you back to a bad one – it needs to hit the bin immediately! So don’t keep one, just because it was expensive..

So this was my first little guide to how I use my perfumes – and I’ve changed most of my perfumes this summer, just because there are so many good changes in my life and I want to keep them as a separate memories. It’s okay if you think I’m crazy;)

So what have I chosen for this summer?

Let’s keep it natural!

100Bon is a french perfume house that creates 100% natural perfumes. And it’s pronounced “Scent Bon” – just so you don’t make the same mistake as I did.. No one knew what I was talking about, when I said 100Bon..
But the brand is worth it, because they do not just create some amazing scents, but they’re also 100% recyclable which I really appreciate and you can by refills! Each Ingrediens are natural and sourced from the best places around the world. Each perfume have a unique, but still a very simple scent, so it’s kind of difficult to choose from their collection.
But I really like the “Bergamote & Rose Sauvage” – fresh but still some depth from the rose, without it being too dominated or sweet – The balance is kind of perfect!

Back to my Granddads Garden. 

The new parfume from Caudalie, Eay des Vignest takes me right back to my childhood – when I was a child, we had a summerhouse, very close to my granddad and his new wife. I loved to come there and play in their garden which was decorated with garden gnomes and flowers everywhere.
She was always wearing a perfume with white musk and this scent takes me right back to that garden with notes from white musk, bergamot and Iris. – Yes, I do have a thing from bergamot.

Lets Try Something New 

This is a new scent from Stella McCartney, called POP BlueBell and I was not quite sure about it, I felt it was a bit to girly for me – but I tried it on and almost everyone I met that afternoon, made a comment about how great the scent was one me.. So a few days after I tried it again and it was the same – and it’s not very offend that people comments on my perfumes. So now when I apply it, it’s like I’m applying all the sweet comments as well. So when I need to boost my confidence, this is the one I reach for!

Spicy, but dry

I have a thing for perfumes that are call something with Marrakech. It must be the mysterious spices I love, but this from Rituals, the “Nuit á Marrakech”, appears more dry. It still has the spicey notes, but instead of being heavy or sweet, it’s has a dry finish, which I find very interesting. Because it suit both day and night time and it’s very hard to find a spicy scent that works well during a summer day. But this one can some how manage it!

Which Perfume is your favorite during summer? 

Check out the brands here: 100BON, Caudalie, Stella McCartney, Rituals

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