July 2, 2017

AVEDA is my go-to brand when my head is stressed, and at the moment I’ve troubling to calm down and that shows on my skin. I’m not quite sure why? Because at the moment I’m experiences so many great things and I feel that I’m moving forward – maybe I just want too many things and I can’t figure out how to organise it? – So I’m doing everything at once?  – YEAH It sounds like me..

But THANK GOD for Aveda! They have their Stress Fix range, which I adore! But a Serum or as they call it a Concentrate from the Tulasára range has saved my skin more than once.. The CALM Concentrate.

The texture of the product is so light, that I’m able to just add it into my routine, which I love. So I use it after my essence and before my regular serum. So I don’t have to compromise a product.

But what this concentrate does, is that is soothe and calm down my skin, almost immediately – After a few days, the redness, from my “stress” is reduced, with help from an algae extract and pomegranate fruit extract – which is used in Ayurvedic medicin to the calm skin down.
The concentrate do also contain stem-cells from the raspberry plant, actually this bottle (30ml.) contains more than 100.000 stem cells. – it’s sounds crazy and overtime it should stregthen the skins barrier. So maybe it’s time to use it longer, than just the 2 weeks – I’m the type, when I have seen the result, I’m satisfied.. I’m the only one?

The beautiful sign on the back of the bottle is sanskrit for Calm
How cool is that? 

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