HERO’S OF THE NIGHT – The Night Treatments You Want To Know About !

June 30, 2017

Some of my ALL-TIME favorite products  are the over-night treatments that WORKS overnight. There are no better feeling than waking up and see that your skin are glowing! But it’s far from every overnight products that works! Trust me, I’ve tried many over the years, but their are some that just works wonders and those would I like to share with you!

The City-life Erasers

Pollution, has become one of the most damaging factors for our skin, and it’s not just the pollution from the air, but also the dirt, the blue light from our computers and cell-phones that can cause damaging. Did you know that 4 hours in front of the computer is the same as spending 20 minutes in the sun during mid-day? Scary right? and I spend roughly around 8 hours a day in front of my computer.

So I’m a huge fan of these two products, the Murad “Over Night Detox Moisturizer” and Caudalie “Overnight Detox Oil” both got launched earlier this year. The Caudalie is a dry oil, so it doesn’t feel oily on the skin and I’ll say it leaves the skin more plumped than the one from Murad. But Murad has a high amount of Vitamin C, so after a few weeks my skin-tone was more even. They are both amazing and I could actually see a different in my skin after my first use..

Breakouts or Oily skin?

For about 6 months ago,  my skin was acting out, as a teenager and on the other day on my Instagram when I posted this photo, some of you sent me a PM me with a similar problem. Because when you’re are in the 30’s it not the greatest thing to have breakouts. And therefore would I like to show you two products that helped me through that period.

The Super3Booster, from Beauté Pacifique is an effective Vitamin-A cream, that’s great for many skincare problems, first it’s a cream that stimulate the collagen production, which is also great if you’re fighting sun-damage in your skin. But the cream has more superpowers, because the cream do also contain propolis, which reduces the oil production and prevent the skin to break-out. – The cream can be quite strong, so it’s important to use it every second night for the first two weeks. – At the moment I use it every 3rd night – and that works for me.

Exuviance is a brand that gives you results, I’ve tried a few of their products and the Night Renewal HydraGel, is amazing! Around the same period of my teenage skin, I used it a few times a weeks. And the light gel, (which BTW is really nice, when you skin is acting out), hydrate my skin and reduce the oiliness overtime – which is such a relief when you aren’t impressed by your skin. But this helps. So if you skin is very oily I would give this one a try!

Overnight Glow

One of the first night treatment I’ve ever tried was the REN “Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial“.  At that time my skin was very dehydrated. I was living 300 meters from Bondi Beach, and too much sun and saltwater damaged my skin. But a collage told me about REN and it works! I used it 2-4 times a week and it really opened my eyes to the world of Overnight products.
Another master when it comes to glowing skin. is KORRES, and the “WILD ROSES Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial” gives you the most luxuries feeling.  As I mention here, roses are such a beautiful ingredien and this cream, have everything you want!
The scent, the texture and result are amazing and I love it.
I don’t find it as effective as the others, but sometimes the luxury feeling is effective for the mind as well –  Which is just as important.

What are your experiences with Over Night Treatments? 

Read more about each brand here
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    1. Thank you for providing us with your list. Kiehls has two overnight masks I use to renew my skin. Ultra Hydrating facial Mask as well as Cilantro Orange Extract Pollutant Defending mask.

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