June 13, 2017

Today I’m starting a new weekly series here on The Map Of Beauty, a series of Weekly Heros, which I have chosen to call, Weekly Favorites (WF). And the reason, is simple! There are so many great products out there -products that makes my day easier, some that gives you the WOW-effect or those who have something extra to offer. But today I would like to share a product I’ve been searching for in more than a year! – The perfect mattifying moisturizer.

My skin has changed a lot since we traveled back to Denmark,  I used to have a normal to dry skin, but know it’s a different story.  Because at the end of the day I’ve an oily t-zone and it has been so difficult to find the right product to control my shiny forehead, give my skin enough hydration and manage the breakouts I have had. I have felt like a teenager all over again. 

So with a normal to combination skin I have been on a hunt for the perfect moisturizer and apparently it’s not so easy.  It’s all about the right balance between enough hydration and mattifying. – Which can be a bit tricky.

Last year Caudalie launch 4 new moisturizers in the VINOSOURCE range. Each product comes in beautiful packaging with a (lovely) rosa/ pink tone – and their is one for every skin type. So I decided to give the Mattifying Fluid a change – And I’m so glad I did!
It takes control over the oil all day. Some moisturizers are able to manage the oil for some hours, but this is an all day winner and it’s such a relief! And I’m sure everyone who has an oily t-zone at noon, knows what I’m talking about! It can be really frustrated..

So this has become a new favorite, but I would love to hear if you have any experiences with mattifying moisturizers? Because this is an area I need to explore!

xx Noa


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    1. I finished my sample bottle. I am happy to report that the product works great! There is also less shine when taking a photo with flash.

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