May 21, 2017

In the beginning, many years ago, when the first primers was launched! I thought to myself – “This is just another “add on product” and a good moisturiser could do the job, just as good. But, I must admit, even though it took me a few years, a primer is the BEST investment! No matter how much or how little makeup you use, a primer will make sure your makeup stays flawless all day and all night.

Why You Need A Primer!

The primers are getting more “advanced”, The first were just  silicone based products, that smoothed the skins surface. But now primers can  minimizes large porres, smooth the fine lines or help to color-correct the skin-tone. So, you’ll have to ask yourself, what does MY skin need!?
Primers are also available in all kinds of varieties, for the eyelids, brows, lips and even your hair!
I know it sounds like A LOT of products, but once you have tried a primer and seen its magic, it’s difficult not to use one.. And therefore you’ll see so many primers on the market, I’ve tried a lot and these below are my favorites!

Primers For The Skin

Pür Cosmetics has been on the market for 14 years, they create multi-tasking products with active ingredients, ideal for the busy, modern woman – who wants it all! Well who doesn’t? But their Correcting Primer, leaves my skin with a healthy glow and for the last few weeks I’ve been mixing it with their new “Bare It All” foundation – It’s such a good pair, I don’t have to worry about how my skin looks the rest of the day! Even a little dusty rain, won’t be able to ruin it.

But when my skin needs a bit more help, I reach out for the Lavender toned primer from BECCA – the First Light Priming Filter, that transform dull and “sad” skin and gives it an instant dewy and fresh look!
The light tone, brighten the skin and it’s like using a filter on top of your skin! It’s amazing what one product is able to do!

Primers For The Eye-Lids

Eye-lid primers are a must under any eyeshadow, your eye-makeup will last longer and make sure it won’t crease – so important!
I’m sure you have tried your eye-makeup spilt into two pieces. But a eye-lid primer will prevent that. I really like the Benefit’s Air Patrol, which also contains SPF 20 – but if you have very sensitive eyes or want a more “clean” or natural alternative, The new IDUN, Näckros Primer works great!

Primer For Your Brows

Yes, primers for the brows is also a thing! And the BROWVO Conditioning Primer from Benefit is more than just a primer, it will also make your brows look thicker and fuller. I won’t leave the house without it!

Primer For Your Glitter Makeup

This summer it’s all about glitter, so if you have plans on dancing the night away at all the festivals – you’ll need one of these. Glitter is known to be quite messy to work with, but this GLITTER Primer will create the perfect base, so you don’t have to worry about where the glitter has gone. And it can be used on the lips or eyes, so please go ALL IN!

You Can Also Find Primers For…. 

The Lips and Lashes, but I’m not the right person to ask, because I never really tried them. I’m more a gloss-girl, but I’ve heard amazing things about MAC’s Prep + Prime and Smashbox, Photo Finish Lash Primer.. The lash primer is on my list! if you’ve tried it…let me know how it works!

Mask & Hair Primers?

Yes, you’ll also be able to find that! The first is Origins Maskimzer, Origins is one of the strongest brands when it comes to facial masks and I LOVE their masks and even though I can’t see or feel the big difference, I like to use the spray before I apply my masks. I think it works as an essence – and I like to get the best out of my masks.
And to the last product! Percy & Reed’s Wonder Balm, works as a styling primer that preps your hair and speed up the styling process. I really like it and together with their light volume oil! Yes, an oil that gives the hair volume – I have no idea how it works, but it does and its great on my fine Scandinavian hair!

I would love to hear about your favorite primers!
Please leave a comment below.

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      1. Thanks! Gosh is also such a great brand! Have to ret their primer 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you for the new primer products. Another good one that’s inexpensive is Revlon Photo ready. It can be purchased at any drug store for $7.98

      1. We just got Revlon in Denmark – again – it has been off the market for a few years! So I’ll differently give that one a try 🙂 thanks 🌸

    1. I LOVE Image Skin Care Primer! Primers also help keep your makeup from getting in your pores. And eye primers keep that shadow on for hours! I prefer an eye primer in a tub instead of a tube, but Blinc has an eye primer that a lot of people love. They also make the best mascara (in my opinion)!
      I want to try the Glitter Primer now!

      1. I have never tried Blinc before! I need to get my hands on one of their mascaras and their primer! Love to get to know new brands, thanks a lot for your comment 🙂 xx

        1. You’re welcome! Blinc has their regular mascara as well as their Amplified. They create tubes around your eyelashes. You can cry in that mascara and it will not run! I personally love their Amplified! I’m not real big on their eye shadow primer because it’s in a tube with an applicator similar to a lip gloss applicator and I just prefer one in a tub. They have an eyeshadow pallet and the shadows are a mix between a cream and pressed eye shadow so they won’t crease or smudge and stay on for hours! They have liquid eyeliners, eyeliner pencils, brow mousse, lash primers, heated eyelash curler, just everything! Let me know how you like them!

          1. The products sounds awesome! Thanks a lot! I’ll let you know how it goes when I get around to try them 💋

    1. Never realized how important primer was. Uber helpful post. My favorite is the benefit one and then one from Urban Decay as well. Any recommendations for oily skin? Loved this, and your blog is so cute. Followed 🙂

      Check out my blog sometime? If you vibe with something, comment and like? Maybe subscribe? https://noirerewritten.com/freebies/

      1. Thanks:) – I love Urban Decay, especially their Makeup Spray Fix as well:)

      1. Becca is an amazing brand! I must try that one next time! Thanks xx

    1. I am totaly not the person who uses make up, so I don’t have any idea of how/what we exactly have to use! this is a great article, thankyou!

    1. I am totaly not the person who uses make up, so I don’t have any idea of how/what we exactly have to use! this is a great article, thankyou for this!
      Loves PAO

    1. I just use the elf mineral infused primer, but you’re right, primers are absolutely necessary! I notice a huge difference in how long my makeup stays on & how smooth it looks & feels.

      1. I’ll check that one out! Yes we really have to try it before we understand how amazing a product it is ❤️🙌🏻

    1. Such a great post! Primers were a hard buy for me as well! Once I saw the difference, I never looked back! Also great to know that there’s a glitter primer!! My favorite eye shadow primer is UD Eye Potion, and Smashbox Photo Finish face primer.

      1. Thanks – Yes you’ll never look back;) smashbox is great as well! Have to try the UD 🙌🏻

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