The Best 15/2-15/3 – Dark Liners, Beauty Boost & Flawless Skin

March 15, 2017

The best products I’ve used the last month? – There has been a lot of new launches and that means a lot of testing for me, as you may have read here, there so many new products! But still, I always keep my most trusted products, the products there aren’t new, but some I think need some extra attention. So give a warm welcome to my top 5 from the last 30 days…

From My Watch List

The New York Based Cult brand, Mario Badescu has been on my watch list for some time now and I’ve finally got my hands on some of their products. The bestselling Enzyme Cleanser, (This one) have I used with my Foreo, both mornings and evenings and as they all say, it’s amazing! I have had less breakouts and my skin tone has become more even, but a products that really amazed me, was the Alpha Grapefruit Lotion, which is a toner! I love toners, but it’s mostly the Korean brands that  managed to make them so active! But this one has the same powers and my skin gets a “Pick Me Up” every time I use it! I LOVE IT!

The Beauty Elixir

I have a weakness for all things that come in beautiful packaging, and the Beauty Elixir from ALCHEMY,  is just as beautiful on the outside as inside. The Blends contains ALL Organic ingredients to boost our inner beauty and I’ve tried many different versions, but what I really like about these are, that you can mix it with whatever – It can take heat, so it’s easy to mix it with your morning coffee, oatmeals etc. and it won’t start to crumb together – It’s has never been easier to get your daily vitamin boost!.

The Liner Madness

I’m so happy with gel liners at the moment! I can’t get enough of them, they are so easy to work with and they can be mixed and smushed, and can be used for an everyday look or for Party-Party look! And especially the new Marc Jacobs eyeliners holds a special place in my heart – and is it crazy that I NEED to have all the 10 new colors?!? No, that’s not crazy

The 4-in-1 Wonder product!

If you want to try a new brand or just a new product – I’ll recommed the 4-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup foundation from Pür Cosmetics. I only use  a little concealer under my eyes and with this on top and my skin looks amazing – No need for any heavy layers of foundation!
I love how easy it is and how natural the results is. The formula is created with skincare ingrediens, that looks after the skin all day, together with SPF 15! I can’t get my hands down! And I’m sure it’s not the last time I mentions Pür!
This foundation brush is also one of the best brushes I’ve ever tried and I’m not really a fan of synthetics brushes! 

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