The Real Truth About Aluminum In Deodorants – And Making The Switch To A Natural Choice

March 12, 2017


Let us not deny that sweat is something most of us don’t like to talk or comment about. I know many, this includes myself, that sweat can leave us insecure and uncomfortable, especially at social events or in public. So to protect ourself for any discomfort we all reach out for the products, that promise more than 24 hours protection! The stronger, the better.. Am I right?!

But sweating is an essential part of our body and its a natural process, that allows the body to cool us down, so we don’t overheat in warm environment or during exercise, so sweat is actually a very important tool for our body.

So what happens to our body when we use these strong deodorants and antiperspirants?

Most deodorants and anti-perspirants on the markets are aluminum based and what is does is simple, the aluminum gets absorbed into our cells and as a reaction of that, they starts to swell and that blocks our sweat ducts, so the sweat can’t leave of our body. So when our body tries to cool us down, it can’t, because the sweat is stocked behind expanded cells..

Their are no studies that shows that aluminum does any harm to the body, but some studies are trying to make a link to the use of aluminum to alzheimer diseases and breast cancer. Which is quite scary, because according to those studies, most breast cancer cells get developed in the upper parts of the breast, in the area that is closest to the armpit, which is where we use our deodorant or anti-perspirant. And some claims that aluminium and other chemicals, that gets absorbed into our skin, may interact with our DNA and that can lead to changes in our cells.
But again there are no proof, but hopefully they can give us a clear answer in near future.

So what should we do?

I believe that we should do whatever we feel comfortable with, I chose to switch for two years ago to natural deodorants and to be honest making that switch took some time for my body to understand  – The first two weeks was my sweat uncontrollable, I was sweating so so much – which may not be like that, in your case, but I think I should warn you.. But after a month or two, I had control over one armpit and after 6 months it was back to normal with both of them.. Crazy Right?!

So you may have tried it and though! This natural S*†§ are not working.. But trust me, it takes some time.

So please be patient, and remember that sweat itself, has no smell, but as soon as it comes in contact with bacteria it will! Because what happens is the bacterias will break down the sweats fatty acids and protein – and there you go, one smelly armpit! So have your daily shower, clean clothes and let your diet help you through the period, limit your intake of garlic, spices and red meat, and instead have lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water, this will help minimize your body odor.

SO what is a natural deodorant? 

As you know, many brands use the word “Natural” on their products, but what is the definition of natural?
So if you want to use a natural deodorant, these are some of the ingredients you want to avoid, Aluminum, Penetration Enhancers, Triclosan, Talc Powder, BHT. Fragrance / Synthetic Fragrances – so if these are in, put the product back on the shelves.
I really like Schmidt’s and SoapWalla, THEY WORK!
Schmidt’s comes in many varieties, as a stick and in a jar, but I prefer the stick and I really hope that SoapWalla will do a stick as well at some point – it’s just easier…

Which deodorant do you prefer? And do you dare to switch to a natural one? 
Good luck and safe odors! 


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    1. Thank you for this post! I blogged about how awful most natural deodorants are on the market. Been in search for months. Going to try your recommendations.

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