The Perfect Night Spa With Vichy & Darphin – For Your Mind & Skin

February 26, 2017

Let’s face it, we’re mentally over the winter now! Every morning I wake up, my fingres are crossed that the sky is blue and the will be sun out! But unfortunately that isn’t the case and for just a few days a ago we had, once again, a big snow-storm here in Denmark.. And when I came home in the evening, I was freezing so bad, my skin was cold and dry from the wind and I was in the worst mood – I thought the spring was just around the corner.. But I decided to change that, I gave myself a little quick spa. Because it’s not just our skin who needs extra care, our mind needs as much love as our skin. So today I would like to share, my two favorites, that in no time will send your skin and mind off to a little spa-retreat.

Chamomile the HERO Ingrediens

When it comes to calming our mind, Chamomile is an key-ingrediens and this little wonder-oil from Darphin may look small, but it’s powers are huge. And you only need a few drops on your fingertips, take 3 deep inhales and let the notes calm your mind down.. Then gentle massage the oil into your skin. While you do it, keep your eyes closed, and I promise you’ll be ready to jump into bed and have the best sleep. It’s amazing what scent notes, can do to our brain.
The oil is pure and a little goes a long way, this one with Chamomile is great for red and sensitive skin – perfect in this cold weather.

The 2-1 Mask From VICHY

Vichy created the perfect 2-1 product! Their Aquaria Thermal Night Spa, can be used as a Hydration Mask, if you leave it on for 20 minutes or if your skin really needs a boost you can leave it on overnight! I’m a fan of the last one,  especially after a long day, where my skin needs a Pick-Me-Up! And my skin is super soft when I wake up the morning after, and there is no signs of dryness.

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