The Little Black (Beauty) Dress – Why We All Need An Essence In Our Skin Care Routine

February 23, 2017

Just like in fashion, we also have some beauty must-(always)-haves in our skin care routines. And a thing, that has always  been a must-haves in Korea is slowly joining us, in the western world.

For  Korean men and women this product is a must-have to achieve a beautiful skin and get the maximum out of their following products… Sounds Good Right?!

And the product I’m talking about is an Essence.. What some also calls a No. 0 or concentrate.

I’ve have been using an Essence, everyday since I got introduced to the product last year in Korea and yes I can honestly say ,that this one product makes a huge difference on my skin, if I use it everyday.. But before I talked more about what an Essence exactly does, I would like to talk a bit more on when in our skincare routine we should use it, and maybe the quick ones, already have figured it out?!

Yes – there is a reason it’s also called No. 0. –  because you have to use it,  right after your toner and before your serums/creams.

What’s an Essence does..

The Essence feeds your skin with extra hydration and prepare the skin for the following products, – think of it, as if you have a cheese filled with big wholes, and when you apply an Essence, you’ll fill out all the big wholes and make the surface smooth. Because when our skin is fully hydrated, it gets the full benefit out of your serum and moisturiser – and you would need less product, because your skin is no longer “hungry”..

An a brand that have taken the Essence to a new level is Lancôme, with their Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate (No. 0) . It was launched back in 2009, after 10 years of research and it gives your skin a lot more than “just” hydration. It keeps our skin young and protecst it against pollution (which is a huge problem for our skin) and are therefore filled with anti-oxidants.. Which we all need after age 25..



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