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February 5, 2017

January is not on my top 5 when it comes to my favorites months.. It was when we lived in Australia! But now, it’s just a freezing, dark and looong month to get through. And that’s why I’m really excited about it’s the 1st of February and I can have a look at the best news from this year so far! There are not so many colors on jet! But I promise they will arrive next month! But for now, I’ll would like to show you the most beautiful blue colors and a lot of shimmering glow!


BECCA is no news, expect for us in Scandinavia. And if you want to give your skin a glow! This is your go-to brand, because one thing BECCA is well known for, is to give every skin the perfect glow… And that is not an easy job, for my light/pale skin, because most highlighters looks too orange on my skin, but BECCA’S the “Shimmering Skin Perfector”is doing a really good job! And I love the POP C color!


Pür is a new brand for me and I’m about to test their bestsellers and to be honest, I’m really impressed. And this Liquid Eyeshadow is such a cool products. It works as an eye primer and make sure it doesn’t crease. The liquid turns into a powder looking eyeshadow after you have applied it and it’s an easy and fun product to work with. It can be used alone or mix with others. I especially like this color, cashmire, it leaves a natural look and makes my eyes pop at the same time.


Marc Jacobs Beauty

Another makeup trend we’ll see this season is intense and colorful eyeliners. And Marc Jacobs have created 10, all in matte colors. They’re super easy to apply and stay ALL Day and ALL Night! My favorite color is “Out Of The Blue” But have a look at all the colors right here – and pick your favorite – It’s not easy!


SMUK has reformulated their popular serum and now it’s even more lovable! It’s a real skin booster, with Vitamin A, C & E, Hyaluronic Acid and coconut oil, but best of all, the scent is magical and the light texture, quickly absorbs into my skin.

Nyde by Nature

The Australian Mineral based makeup brand, Nude by Nature has created the most beautiful eyeshadow palette. With colors inspired by the Australian nature. And the mix og natural and powerful colors are quite unique, but perfect for the coming seasons makeup trends…. And to another product from Nude By Nature, is their mascara, it’s no big news, but it’s the best I’ve tried in a LOOONG time! It’s the first applicator I’ve tried that actually define lashes..

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