Beauty Looks From Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017

February 2, 2017

In the last few days I’ve been backstage with MAC cosmetics and Shu Uemura, for some of the shows for Copenhagen Fashion Week, to have a closer look at the beauty looks and trends for the coming season..
The key trends are very clear, we have to work with what we got, which is a strong parallel to the world wide trend, “we all look different” and therefore will there be no need to force our hair to a specific style or look, but instead choose what would look best on US. Another trend I saw at several shows, are a late 80’s, early 90’s vibe, with a bit of punk and a little bit of grunge – such a cool look both for girls and boys!

Backstage at the Designers Nest Show

Cut-crease liner and soft pink lips with a beautiful dewy skin was the makeup look created by – MAC Pro team. The hair style was different for each model, on some the hairstylists took advances of the models own hairstyle especially the models with curly hair and some got a tight classic pony tail – Hair by Marianne Jensen for Kevin Murphy.

Backstage at the Tonsure Show

Such a cool 90’s grunge vibe at the Tonsure show! Each model had their own personality and style, which I believe gave the show something unique. Normally we see the same type of model/type at a show, but with this mix of personalities gave us a realistic picture of our world today.
Makeup by MAC Pro Team and Hair By Sidsel Marie Bøg for Shu Uemura.

Backstage at the Martin Asbjørn Show

Cool Guys with sexy eyes and awesome hair! Once again we went back to the early 90’s and the guys rocked it!
Makeup by MAC Pro Team and hair by Sidsel Marie Bøg for Shu Uemura

Backstage at the Freya Dalsjø Show

Massimo is the Key-Makeup artist from MAC, he talked me through the makeup. And they were going for a very natural look and  if the skin had a red undertone, they wouldn’t remove it, to make it perfect, but just make sure the skin had an even skin tone. Which once again  shows us, that we’ll are different and each model has their own identity as well.
The lashes and brows were all natural and nude – the focus were the lips and this brown color with a cool undertone is something I’m sure we’ll see must more from this year.

Backstage at the LALA Berlin Show

The Black Liner was the main focus at Lala Berlin, with “undone” done hair, added a lot of shine to the roots and with a styler though the ends, gave the hair a casual sleek look, which was a great contrast to the rough eyes.
Hair and Makeup by key-artist Nicci Welsh, together with MAC Pro Team and GHD.


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