CAOLION – The Brand That Fight Your Pores… and add some fun to your beauty routines…

January 22, 2017

Caolion has multiples beauty lines, all working with different skin types and problems. But you find their best sellers in the “Where is Pore?” range..
The name says it all and even though it may seem a bit childish, but why not create products that are fun, while they work wonders?! something the western world could learn a lot from.. Whats wrong with having a little fun..?

Who’s behind Caolion..?
A very beautiful lady named Jinyoung Joo, she had a dream and like many others, her skin is very sensitive and she wanted to create products that contained natural and active ingredients and with skincare knowledge past on from generations – Caolion was born..

The Hero Products
But lets talk about the Hero Products “Where is Pore?” And to one things straight.. We ALL have pores, some more visables than others and we can’t make them disappear, but what we can do, is that we can control them with the right products and tighten the skin to make the pores appear smaller.
Sounds good right? and the right product for the job, is as you may already have guessed.. Caolion -“Where is Pore?

The Cult Classics!

The original Pore Pack and Blackhead Steam Pore Pack are a must-have on your beauty shelves if you look at the mirror everyday and hate all the blackheads on your skin. Because these two combined will make them disappear and leave your skin smooth and looking spotless. The masks are a blend of glacier clay, mireral-rich volcanic ash and Charcoal – All very powerful ingredients, that will show your blackheads the frontdoor.

    Must-Have On Our Beauty Shelves

First you take your skin on a holiday to southern Italy. The mask starts to heat-up the moment you apply it to your face, and it stays heated during the 10-20 minutes it’s on your skin.
Afterward,  you take a trip northen Norway. This masks is infused with peppermint leaf extract and menthol (if you skin are very sensitive I would recommend to make patch-test) and as you may can imagine it gets very cold!.. Which on hot summer days are amazing!

The ingredients in the masks will make sure to deep cleanse your skin and take control over your sebum and after the cold trip your skin feels tight and the pores, are not gone, but it looks like they have disappeared..

Expand the Love…

Because of the huge success of these two masks, Caolion created two cleansers, which have the same warm/cold effect – and these are good to use between the weekly treatments..
Or you may need some love from a warm cleanser in the evening and a cold “quick-me-up” cleanser in the morning? I especially love these two.. Because they aren’t as effective, but I think they do the job nicely and the cold foam cleanser are great for monday mornings.. It’s like adding an extra shot caffein  to my morning coffee.

Or you may need some love from warm cleanser in the evening
and a cold “quick-me-up” cleanser in the morning

Champagne for Breakfast?

This is one of the coolest products I’ve ever tried, the “Bubble Pore Mask“.. And yes its bubbles on the skin.. This product contain active charcoal which is great for combination and oily skin. The masks i a deep cleansing scrub, but it’s not harsh on the skin and even my skin which is very sensitive, loves it.
What it does; You massage the scrub into the skin and leave it on and after a few minutes you face will be covered in foamy bubbles, so fun! and your skin feels so soft and clean afterwords.

Memory Sleeping Mask

Like any other Korean brand, they have an overnight treatment and that’s something I really enjoy! Why not take advances of the hours we sleep and wake up with great skin?

But again this is a FUN product! We have all seen the pillows or even mattress with memory foam? And the texture of this products is exactly like memory foam,  it’s bouncy and I’ve have never come across anything like it.. And again it’s such a fun product! But most important, the mask make sure you wake up with a plumped skin thanks to Hyaluronic acid and reduces any inflammation  with Witch hazel and Green tea are added to give our skin a good amount of first of antioxidant and protect our skin from pollution.

A really good and fun brand.. Personally I love their Detox range, I thinks it suits the Scandinavian skin good.. So maybe I’ll talk more about that next time..

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