January 9, 2017

A year has gone and it’s time to look back on all the wonderful beauty news from 2016. Their has been a lot and I can easily see that the beauty industri is growing – more brands are joining in and more unique products are getting launch..

But today I’ve looked back on the Beauty News that have left me impressed.

So these 8 product are on my list on this years “Best Beauty News 2016″

NARS – Has done it again and created a new Orgasim. Orgaism is one of the most hyped blushes. And this new color ISADORA is unfortunately a limited Edition from the Sarah Moon collection, but I hope the color at some point will  become apart of their collection.

Kure Bazaar – The award-winning non-toxic nail polish brand creates the finest colors, but most important the formulas are created with up to 85% natural ingredients, based on corn, wheat cotton and potatoes.. How cool is that? This fall they launced the Rose Collection and the Dolce is one prettiest color, perfect all year around.

Jurlique – Essence, is one of the newest trend in the westeren world, a product the Korean has used for years. And now Jurlique has been inspired and created their own version and its works! Essence is a great product, not just to hydrate your skin, but also to make sure your skin absorbs the following products better.

Shu Uemura – Pollution has become a world wide problem, especially if we live in a big city, and that has a huge effect on our hair. Shu Uemura has addressed the problem an created the Urban Moisture range that protect our hair against pollution. In the range you find a new product, the “Hydro-Nourishing Double Serum”. Such a great product that is easy to apply and protect our hair from UV and pollution.

Darphin – The French brand has launched two new products this year – The Lumiere Essentielle range, with a serum and a facial moisturizer. Both are amazing and give your skin the finest glow!
I especially love the moisturizer, which is a light soft gel-cream, that contains essential oils from  citrus, cedarwood and ginger which helps illuminate and revitalize the skin – Instantly! For the first time in years I’ve finished a product. – And that says a lot!

Akademiklinikken – If you want to see results within only a few days, then you wants to get your hands on the Swedish, Akademiklinikken new Vitamin C Oil.. It’s an expensive oil, but my fine lines disappeared and my skin tone was improved in just a 3 days! How amazing is that?!

Origins – RITUALITEA is a new range with 8 new masks – 4 face and 4 body masks! And I’m in love with the scent of Oolong-La with spicy notes and my skin feels so soft and hydrated without  leaving it greasy.. This one will be a hard to replace!

Björn Axén – A healty hair needs a healty scalp and Björn Axén launched a gel-treatment that is easy to apply and most important on busy mornings, it can stay in – no need to wash it out.
It treats and calm down our scalp so say goodbye to an itchy scalp.

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