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December 27, 2016

Amore Pacific is one of the biggest beauty companies in South Korea. They have operated for more than 65 years and shelter many succesfull brands under their big umbrella, which includes their own luxury brand that has the same name.

Laneige is one of their brands and you’ve probably heard about their WaterBank range, which is world known for it’s hydrating benefits for dry and thirsty skin.

La Neige means snow in French, and from snow comes water…

Laneige’s mission is to bring back the same glow we remember our skin had when we were younger. Over the last 20 years Laneige has done research on the interaction between water and skin. Laneige emphasizes how important water is to maximise the effect from brighting and anti-age products.

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I’ve tested 3 of their bestselling products, all from their WaterBank range. 


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WaterBank Serum.

The texture of the serum is light and soft and it feels fresh on the skin. My skin absorbs it quickly and in my experience it’s a great product to add into your already existing skincare routine when it needs an extra boost. I apply it under my regular serum to make sure it supports my other products.
However, the serum is also good enough by itself if you just want to add hydration to your skin.

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WaterBank Sleeping Mask

I believe this is one of the most popular products from Laneige and it have won several awards. Sleeping masks are extremely popular in South Korea and it’s a central part of their famous K-Beauty routines.
I use sleeping masks 2-3 times a week instead of my regular night cream.

Compared to other sleeping masks, WaterBank is very light and leaves a soothing layer on my skin. It’s really great after a day in the sun (there have only been a few in Denmark so far) – But it calmed my skin and gave it the extra hydration I needed.

The Skin care
These two products are great beginner products because they don’t leave your skin feeling heavy or greasy. I especially hated that feeling when I was a teenager and started to use skincare products. They’re also great if you are new to the whole K-Beauty routine, where you use their technique of adding multiple layers of various products.

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The Cushions

BB and foundation cushions are a new beauty trend that comes from South Korea and Laneige’s is in my top 5. They come in two different colours and they both blend in very well on my Scandinavian pale skin.

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True Beige is great for now, but when the summer gets here I’ll hopefully be switching to the darker tone Natural Beige.
What I like about these cushions is the coverage – it’s really great and they leave my skin looking fresh and hydrated.

They have the same refill system as Primera, so when you buy one you get an extra refill. That’s really great not just for our wallets, but for the environment as well!

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I really like the products, but maybe the scent is a little too strong for me personally as I prefer my skincare to be more neutral, but that’s just me.
However, an another great brand from Amore Pacific! – Read more about LANEIGE HERE

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