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December 20, 2016

Review Primera Karina Noa

I’m sure you know the feeling, when you try a few products from a new beauty brand and after just a week, you find yourself on their website, dreaming of trying all their products and you keep adding new products to the basket.. That’s the way I feel about Primera, I’ve tested four of their bestsellers and I’m so hooked!

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Primera is a brand from the South Korean Beauty company Amore Pacific and Primera is one of Amore Pacific greener choices, they’re focusing  on using organic and natural ingredients, where it’s possible. A lot of their ingredients are new to me – They have an ingredients list on their website which I’ve spent hours studying- See the list here.

Primera is not just a greener choice for your skin but also for the environment,  because Primera has a mission to protect our planet and keeps that in mind with each product. Since 2012 they have launched different campaigns such as, LOVE EARTH, Primera Promise and Let’s Love  – All the campaigns that fight for a greener environment by bringing awareness to the problems and how we’re able to  help support it.
That’s also why all their packaging is FSC-certified paper and printed with natural soy ink and what is my favorite part – All the product instruction and information is printed inside the boxes, just like the photo below. So say goodbye to all the (in my opinion) unnecessary folders, which hardly of us read anyway, simply wasteful – So this is such a great Idea!
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The Bestsellers.
I’m going to review 4 of their bestselling products.
The Miracle Seed Essence, Alpine Berry Watery Cream, Super Sprout Serum and Watery CC Cushion. All the products are free from mineral oils, artificial fragrances, synthetic colors and animal ingredients.
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Essences have been a part of the Korean beauty routine for years and it’s a most important step, but for us in the Western World  Essence is a new product – here is just a small description of what an essence is, so we are all on the same page.
An essence is a bit thicker than water and should be used after your toner; it can either be applied with a cotton pad or with your hands. Essence works on the skin’s cellular level and that’s why we’re able to see such a quick change on our skin when we start using Essence in our own skincare routine, and one of the reasons why so many won’t miss this step.

But, back to Primera, Miracle Seed Essence which contains, 93.1% Lotus Seed Extract. Lotus seeds are rich in linoleic and amino acids, which both work as a natural moisturizer and act as a defense barrier to keep the skin moisturized all day. Lotus seeds are also a great antioxidant that helps improve our skin tone. – So there is so much goodness from such a small seed and with the right amount you’ll quickly see a difference in your skin tone, I saw it in just two weeks.

There is enough for 30 days in one bottle, so you’ll use 2.5 ml. twice a day, so 5ml. every day – I agree with you, it’s a lot of product and I’m glad that Primera have marked the bottle so you can see how much you need to a apply each time. Otherwise I probably would have had this bottle for months!
So, if you have heard of people who have had a bad experiences or just didn’t see any effect when using an essence it’s probaly because they haven’t used enough product.
And yes, I thought it was crazy too, but time proved to me that it is crazy not to use it, because it works!  And I’m so impressed by this product, my skin tone got evener and  my skin was smooth and plumped! And I’ve honestly never tried anything similar!
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Super Sprout Serum

This is one of Primera’s newest products, together with their Super Sprout Cream.
The Super Sprout, is an exclusive ingredient, Primera have researched the superfood for years and this super sprout is a concentrate made from black rice, black soybean and black sesame. Together they boost the skin with nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants, that strengthen the skin barrier, improve the moisture balance and even the skin tone.
The texture of the serum is really light and my skin absorbs it within a minutes, It’s a  great choice for busy mornings or if you are wary of heavy serums.
Even though the serum is of Primera newest products it’s already got a lot of attention and already won 3 different beauty awards.
One of Primera most popular products, it has been announced as an ‘IT’ Product by Get It Beauty and it’s a really hyped product in South Korea, but for a good reason, because it’s a magical cream.
My first though was that the cream would be way too heavy for my skin but to my surprise, my skin absorbed the heavy cream in within a few minutes and left my skin plumped and hydrating.
I used the cream after the lotus water, and Super Sprout Serum and I could really see a huge different on my skin after just 2 weeks, my skin tone became evener and my skin was glowing – And just for the record it’s very rarely that  I notice such a big difference…

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Watery CC Cushion

This year has been all about BB & CC Cushions and I really like this trend, we just need to remember to clean the puff regularly, so it doesn’t end up as a bacteria bomb, but beside from that, it’s great trend!
Because the cushion makes it easy to apply and leaves the skin looking plumbed and healthy, however the coverage on this CC is very light and if my skin has a little redness it can’t cover it properly and I end up spending to much product. But when my skin is without any troubles I really enjoyed using it and the scent it almost non-exciting, which I like.

Each packaging contains two cushions and one container, so you can easily refill them, which makes it cheaper but also a more eco-friendly choice

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W2Beauty has a great selection of Primera’s products and many other Korean brands. Alice who is the founder is great person and very helpful!..

Read more about Primera here.

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