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April 5, 2016

I’ve waited a long time to find a beauty brand that was completely different from anything else I’ve ever have tried  – And my search stopped a few weeks ago when I got my hands on the new cool urban brand, Mieux Derma from Melbourne, Australia.

So how is it different you may ask??
And I’ve asked myself the same question a few times now, and my conclusion must be that

Mieux Derma is not a brand that’s trying to please our egos, but a brand that’s trying to please our skin…  How refreshing is that?

The Map Of Beauty - Mieux Derma

Mieux Derma‘s signature values comes from inspiration of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the Australian wild nature and French classy and elegant look. And even though they don’t please your ego’s I really like their choice of packaging.
Mieux Derma has also made a commitment to use natural ingredients that are all are sourced environmental friendly. And that is another thing that brings the brand up to date, because more consumers are starting to demand that they want their skin care to be environment friendly as well as natural based.

The Map Of Beauty - Mieux Derma
The Scent
There’s a thing about the scent I would like to share before I start my review of the products, a thing they all have in common, at least the ones I tried.
Because the scent is a an important factor for me, but I haven’t found any of the products scents unpleasant, despite the unique aroma they have, but I can really smell the comparison from the inspiration of the Chinese medicine here, which is very clean, in a botanical feel. But after a week the scent becomes natural and now I really enjoy it.

The Map Of Beauty - Mieux Derma -2

Permeate & Polish – Facial Gel Cleanser
This is Mieux Derma Deep Cleanser, which is a gel based cleanser and a great cleanser for combination skin.
After moving to Australia my skin has become more oily and this cleanser has really helped me with all the small breakouts my skin all of the sudden got exposed to. So it’s really effective and at the same time gentle.

I know I shouldn’t, but when I get home late in the evening and the only thing I can think about is my bed, I need a cleanser that can get rid of my mascara while I cleanse my skin, and without being itchy towards my eyes and this cleanser does the job for me..
I just add some water to my face or in the palms on my hands and one pump of product is enough to use for my whole face.

The Map Of Beauty - Mieux Derma
Albatross Fog – Herbal Toner
How cute is the name, I love it -It sounds like an old poem.
I like to use my hands instead of a cotton pad. I take one pump into my hands and press very carefully the product into my skin, while I close my eyes. This method calms me down, especially in the evening after a long day.
Just remember, always have clean hands!

The Map Of Beauty - Mieux Derma

Grain & Grit – Facial Exfoliator.
This exfoliator is a creamy texture, that contains fine limestones, that gently exfoliate the skin without being to harsh, even though the green pastel color can leave you with the fear. But I promise It’s a very gentle exfoliator and I personally like the peppermint extract that leaves my skin refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

And now to my favorite product!

The Map Of Beauty - Mieux Derma

Wandering Dusk – Daily Moistuiser
Where to start.. Because this is such a “fun” product and I’ve really learned to enjoy it. But at first I thought we never would go along, because as the packaging says, the texture is like syrup. Yes like syrup, all thick and sticky..
And I was very doubtful the first time I used it and I though and even said out loud “I can’t sleep with this on my face” But with patience and 10 minutes later, my skin had absorbs the sticky syrup cream and my skin became soft and smooth.
Now I really enjoy massaging the products into my skin, but I’ll say you need to walk around for a few minutes before you put your head onto your pillow.

The Map Of Beauty - Mieux Derma

I’m not done with Mieux Derma and I can’t wait to see their future products and to try out some of their other products.

Miuex Derma creates products to every skin type and if your skin needs a new boost, can I highly recommend to give them a try and as the say

Beauty comes from feeling ‘comfortable in your own skin
Well Said! See all there products here.

The Map Of Beauty - Mieux Derma

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