April 4, 2016

Manuka Biotic takes natural beauty products to a new level and they don’t see themselves as a beauty company, but as a company that helps their customers to get better skin through their natural and healing skincare.

The pure Manuka essential oil is their products core ingredients, something Manuka Biotic proudly produces themselves by using safe methods, so they’re able get the best possible result, a result that makes a huge different for their products.
And by using these methods they make sure to give their customers a high quality products and at the same time make sure not to put any pressure on the environment in the process.

The Manuka oil comes from the leafs of the Manuka Trees and Tim the founder of Manuka Biotic made this video where he shows how he and his team create their own organic certified Manuka oil and it’s quit amazing how many leafs they need, just to get a small amount.


THE MAP OF BEAUTY - Manuka Biotic

Their products speaks for themselves when browsing though their Facebook page, their customers are beyond satisfied and share their positives and impressive results with all the other Manuka Biotic fans. It’s not that often I’ve seen so much activity on a Facebook page as theirs.

And I must agree with them, the products have an healing effect on the skin, thanks to the organic and pure Manuka essential oil.
When my skin get exposed to too much sun or heat, it reacts by getting small itchy and red patches all over my skin and by using the cream, the itchiness despairs immediately and only after a few days I can see a difference.

The Facial Cleanser has a light gel texture that leaves the skin clean and with a fresh feeling. The scent is a bit different, and after a few times I got used to the clean / nature (kind-of) scent. Its a bit difficult to explain, even though I’m sitting with the products in my hand. But the scent is special in the good way, the way that makes you certain of the cleanliness of the product.

The same goes for the Light Day Cream, the scent is not as strong, but you still get the clean feel. I especially like the light texture that gets absorbed into the skin within minutes and I’ve used it all over my body, where my skin has been extra sensitive and I defenently need to try their Body Lotion when this is finished…

Read more about all off Manuka Biotic products here.

THE MAP OF BEAUTY - Manuka Biotic

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