10 Years Later – Some Called It A Miracle

April 2, 2016

The first real hair styling product I got addicted to, was a salt water spray and that’s still a must-have product for me, if I want some kind of texture or movement in my flat scandinavian hair..

For about a year ago John Frieda re-launched their very popular “Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Spray”, after they asked their social media fans, which discontinued product they liked back and the Ocean Waves Spray was the most popular product.
So after 10 years John Frieda fans got their 90’s cult product back and some even called it a miracle.. Because it was not a cheap product to get hold on, after it went out of stock. There have been action on eBay where a bottle could cost up to $12o USD – Which is insane.. So I had to try it, when the hype was so massive..

New John Frieda saltwater

The first thing I notice was the amazing fresh tropical scent of coconut. WOW.
I’m normally not crazy about those kind of scents, but this scent is so fresh and sends my mind right off to a tropical beach and just from the scent, I understand why people wanted it back so bad!

The product also work very well in my fine hair and it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or stiff, as some salt waters can do in my hair.

I have read that the formula should be very similar to the old version, only better and the name has also changed a bit to John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray ( So long that I felt, I needed to highlight it) and it’s launch together with two new products, Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo and Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner.
I only have the shampoo which I’m quite happy about, but need a bit more testing.

New John Frieda saltwater

Do you remember the Salt Water Spray back from the 90’s or have you tried the new one?




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    1. Love this product! Got the conditioner too. It smells lush & feels great on my hair which needs a lot of conditioning… I’m stocking up in case it disappears again 😀

    1. I don’t remember this from the 90s. Maybe it’s because I I actually have way too much texture in my curly asian hair. But, I just received John Freida BeachBlonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray in my Wal-Mart beauty box and I’ve been trying it out and using it to define my curls.

    1. Yes, so far I do like it as I think it tames my frizz. I received another brand in my Ipsy bag called Coolway, but I haven’t noticed a difference between the two,

    1. YES! I remember this! I went into literal (ok, figurative….) withdrawals when this stopped. I’ve used other salt sprays since (currently on Bumble and Bumble which I can get from Sephora in town), but this stuff was amazing at leaving my hair SOFT while salty and textured. I even tried making my own salt spray with a tiny bit of almond oil and coconut fragrance to mimic john frida, but of course, I just made a salt spray and it didn’t act the same. I’m gonna see if I can find this in spain!

      1. Haha, no I have tried the same and my hair went nuts 🙂 But it should be in Europe as well – It just launched here in Australia
        I hope you find it 🙂

    1. In always on the look out for a good beach wave spray for fine hair!!! I am ordering this right now. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe is the best I could find for fine and flat hair. Thanks for the review.

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