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April 1, 2016

Australian haircare delivered to you in cooperation with two creative heads from Australia.

Cool Hair The Easy Way

Eleven Australia is a young brand founded and made by Australian Ozdare with help from hairstylist Joey Scandizzo, who has won more than 12 awards over the last decade for this creative visions and exceptional skills as a hairstylist, and Andrew O’Toole who is one of the worlds most regonzised hair & beauty photographers. Andrews  work has been published in leading fashion magazines across the world and his clients are among Toni & Guy, Daviness, GHD and L’Oreal, just to name a few.

Together with the Ozdare team they created a hair range, that was easy to use, fun to work with and at the same time reflected the Australian lifestyle – and thats how Eleven Australia was born.

Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review

Eleven Australia’s products are easy to use, their products are very simple and most important, they work without a lot of effort, which I really appreciate. Some things in live, should just be easy..

It’s a brand that communicates well with the younger generation and people who just want cool hair the easy way!

Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review

Australia Eleven has a wide range of products and I tried and tested the 6 below.


Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review

This lightweight shampoo, takes me right back to the days when I started as a hair stylist. The scent is mild and most important the foam is soft and so easy to get. I always wash my hair twice and I always give new shampoo’s a try to see if one good is enough and with this shampoo, it is! Perfect for busy mornings and when you have a shower that only has hot water for maximum 4 minutes! but I’ve been able to only wash my hair once with this shampoo and still get a clean result.


Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review

My favorite kind of conditioner, is the kind I can apply to any length of my hair, without it leaving my hair feeling heavy and looking flat.
This conditioner is light and adds a bit volume and most important I’m able to apply it to every lenght of my hair.


Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review

This Miracle Treatment, was the first product from Eleven Australia, and this product is with no doubt one of the best product I’ve ever tried, It’s a true Miracle!!

Basically it’s a Leave-In moisturiser with extra features and it makes a huge difference on me. I apply two pumps in wet hair and its makes my hair soft and easy to comb, even in wet hair. It controls my frizz and flyaways, adds smoothness, softness and shine, protects from UVA and UVB rays, just to name a few. But my favorite part, is that it adds a bit of texture and gives my lengths some life.


Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review

Even when I don’t have frizzy hair, my ends have always liked a tiny amount of serum, just to give the length some shine, especially the ends. I mixed one small pump, with two pumps og the Miracle Treatment and they are a perfect match.


Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review I think we all have tried the cheaper versions of Dry Shampoo’s, like Batiste or London Polish. They work fine but there is a reason why the price point is so different.
This one doesn’t make my hair feel dry or “stiff” and there is no sign of a dusty look, but it takes the worst oiliness from my hair and leaves it fresh and light.
I can only take my second day and then I need to wash it, but one day with extra with fresh hair is all I need..

Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review

This lightweigh hair spray keeps your hair in place and doesn’t weigh it down. Perfect for everyday use, while I will recommend the Give Me Hold, Strong Hairspray if you need to keep your hair in place for a whole night out.


Eleven Australia Hair care Full Review

The products compliment each other so well and I love the cool and urban look they give my bathroom shelves.

Read more about Eleven Australia here and buy my favorites.

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