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March 29, 2016

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is one of the worlds biggest cult products – I’ve also been a fan of the ointment for years and I used to sell it on my the web shop, Sooluxury and it was a hit and still is.

But this products is an old classic from Queensland, Australia.

But we need to start back in England, around 1870’s, where Dr. Thomas P. Lucas one of the leading doctors in both modern and natural medicine. He decided to leave England, to seek new adventures and moved to Melbourne, Australia. After living and working as a doctor in Melbourne, he and his wife decided to movie up north to Queensland for a warmer climate and it was in Queensland he started to study the papaya fruit for its many benefits, especially when used on the skin

To proof he believes, Dr. Lucas opened a skincare clinic called Vera in Brisbane, where he exclusive and only treated people with ointments that all contained an amount of papaya. Many of his clients had skin diseases that previously was considered incurable, but Dr. Lucas healed and improved many of his patients skin with his infused papaya ointments.

The Map Of Beauty Lucas Papaw

But before Dr. Lucas could create one unik product, he passed away. But he left his wife and kids paperwork on all his clients he had registered through the years plus all his notes and formula suggestions.
So together with a local hospital they developed the ointment we all know today, Lucas Papaw Ointment.

It’s now more than 80 years ago and todays its Dr, Lucas grandkid, Kevin Talbot that own and run the business.

Here he is today with his granddad, Dr. Lucas hanging in the background
Here he is today with his granddad, Dr. Lucas hanging in the background

Lucas Remedies has got a lot of competition over the years, especially these ointments below.
But even though they all are very similar, the scent, texture and result is not as good as the original.

The Map Of Beauty Lucas Papaw

Dr. Lucas manage to create an unique product, a products there is known all over the world..
Do you have one is your bag?

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