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March 22, 2016

Moogoo, just say it like a cow.. Moogoooo. – I love how the name gives the brand an earthy and natural vibes. That´s why Moogoo is on my list as the “natural pharmacy”

Moogoo is an Australian brand that came to the world, a bit different from any other beauty brand. It all started with an udder balm. Yes, a balm for cow udders..
It all began back on a farm, when a young guy noticed his mom using a cow udder balm, to heal her sensitive skin. He started to get curious, when he saw how great the udder balm had worked and he got even more interested when he found out, that the balm was filled with natural and healing ingredients. When we think about it, cows doesn’t need anything fancy, they just need the right healing ingredients, so their udders can stay healthy and in good condition for milking.

He wanted to re-create the balm and make it less greasy and oily, so it would fit human skin. He started out testing on family, friends and neighbors… And right there Moogoo was born!

The Map Of Beauty - Moogoo

Moogoo has now been on the markets for almost 10 years and have a wide range of natural, safe and healing products, that all are made with effective ingredients. Their standards are very high and every product are specially designed for people with sensitive skin, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, acne, rosacea or scalp problems.

We all have different skin and something might work on you and not me, so they wont promise any miracles, but I will say that there products are worth trying! They have done miracles on my own skin.

My Thoughts
First, I love brands that started out for a reason, maybe even by a coincidence. I believe its makes them more “real” for regular people and in this case, people with skincare problems.
Moogoo reminds me a lot of Badger Balm, how they both got started by helping people they love. And both Badger and Moogoo now has a multiple products range.

Another thing I find very important is honesty and useful information. And that´s want you get as soon as you enter Moogoo´s web side.
Here can you find anything, you need to know about each product, perfectly describe ingredients lists, useful information regarding skin problems like acne, psoriasis and rosacea and videos that tell you what we need to know about skincare. Simple and easy, as it should be.

 The Products I’ve tested.

The Map Of Beauty - Moogoo

Lets start out with the popular Udder Cream
The cream is not that thick, as I expected it to be, which is a good thing.
My skin is very sensitive against to sun and I have small areas where my skin has started to loose it pigments. But before it does, I get small bladders and here was a great reason to test the Udder Cream. I mixed it up with my Jurlique Lavender oil and left a thin layer overnight, on the damaged area. I was amazed how great my skin looked the morning after, the bladders were almost gone.
My skin is still irritated, though I feel I have some kind of control over it now and hopefully I won´t loose my pigment in that area! Fingers crossed. Also it’s a great cream to use as a hand cream and for extra dry skin. The Udder Cream has definitely won a place in my heart.The Map Of Beauty - Moogoo

Oil Cleanser for Normal skin.
Personally I really like oil cleansers, it does take some time to get used to it and I know it sounds weird, cleansing your skin with oil! But it works and it´s such a great way to cleanse a sensitive skin. I have tested it in the morning for two weeks before showering.
I massage the oil into my skin, and wait a few minutes and cleanse it off with water, while I´m in the shower. Its easy and my skin gets so soft, I especially love the mild and clean Lavender scent. It really calmes my skin down. The perfect way to start and end a day.

Moggoo Full Cream Review

Full Cream Moisturiser.
The texture is a bit lighter than the Udder Cream, but its still a bit to heavy for me to use as facial cream. I wish they had a “Skim Milk” Moisturiser too, cause I can feel its a really good cream. But hopefully with the winter, just around the corner, my skin would appreciate it much more.
Its difficult when its 29 degrees, but I believe it will be one of my favorites over the winter.

Moogoo Deodorant review

Natural Deodorant, with No Aluminum
Do your deodorant contain any aluminum?
I never though about the aluminum use, before we in Denmark, started to debate about the side-effects of aluminum a few years ago.
After that I have only used deodorant with no sight of aluminum.
I was a bit skeptic, about using a natural deodorant, in the beginning, but now I would never go back. Moogoo works great and so does the price.
Read more here why your deodorant shouldn’t contain any aluminum

The Map Of Beauty - Moogoo

Natural Sunscreen.
This one is a real heavy guy, due to the amounts of Clear Zinc Oxide.
Zinc Oxide works as a natural barrier to protect the skin against UVA and UVB ratings.
This sunscreen is not for everyone, its takes some work to apply it on the skin, but when its there you don’t have to worry. As mentioned my skin is very sensitive and with this one, I can actually stay in the sun much longer, without out any complaints from my skin.  It’s not as easy to get off, so go for a swim before heading home.
They do also have Cover-Up Buttercup with SPF15, which I Think I need to try next time.

The Map Of Beauty - Moogoo

More About Mono
Moogoo is stocked in 1300 pharmacies and health food stores around Australia and have a few selected stores in Ireland, Malaysia and the US. But they are more than happy to ship worldwide, if you don’t find yourself in one if the mentioned countries.
Read more about Moogoo here and promise me to watch some of their videos .
Moogoo is also the proud founder of DustyGirls, a  natural mineral makeup range. But I will tell you much more about DustyGirls later on…  Meanwhile read more here

Have you every tried Moogoo?



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    1. Udder Cream is my go to cream. It’s also amazing for tissue burns on your nose when you have a cold, and for sunburn rehydration.

    1. This sounds like a great range, especially since my skin is a combined mess of sensitive, oily and sometimes flakey, so am always on the lookout for my Holy Grail sunscreen in Madrid. I don’t burn, but I do get uneven pigmentation with too much sun, so the SPF 40 sounds good.
      I’ve tried all natural deodorants before (the crystal ones and aloe or tee tree based ones, by different brands) but felt they need to be reapplied after maybe 8 hours? So I didn’t even bother when the summers in Madrid came rolling, but Moogoo’s write up for their product seems to address that, so…might give it a go!

      1. The Moogoo deodorant is really good, but I just started to test a deodorant from Real purity and that’s one of the best I have tried so far. And you dont have to refresh after 8 hours 🙂 I would give that one a try.
        But Moogoo skincare is great, especially to trouble skin.

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