March 10, 2016

Let their be now doubt that I love Korean beauty products, I love all the twisted and fun products, the old classics and the uncommon formulas. And the Koreans is one of the leading countries when it comes to beauty trends. All trends that we beauty lovers in the western countries can’t get enough off. Which I believe has been good for the beauty industry, especially for smaller niche brands around the world.

But one of the latest trends has made think that we also have a responsibility, and it’s not all about feeding our needs for new cult and must-have products.

The trend I’m talking about is the new ingredient, Horse Oil.
Horse oil cream has over the last year been introduced by several companies and more products gets added to the new horse oil lines.

And off cause I was curious and creams with horse oil was on top of my long shopping list, until I had one of the many horse oil products in my hand and then I started to wonder – What is Horse Oil exactly? Where does it comes from? The Butchers? How do they get the oil? And a long list of questions started in my head and I put back the product onto the shelf and walked out of the store with a bad feeling in my stomach..

I stated to research all over the internet, asked people in the Korean beauty industry and no one really knew or could give me an answer for, how the manufactures get the oil, I’ve tried to email some of the companies, but haven’t got a reply back – yet..

And maybe their is nothing to be worried about… But I know that we can’t just close our eyes and feed our needs for trends, and ignore the reality that’s right in front of us…

I’ll keep searching – Let me know if you have any suggestions..


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    1. I have been very curious about horse oil too. Have browsed and seen there are a few brands that sell their beauty products based on horse oil. I have also read that these products are not to be used as a daily basis, but perhaps twice or three time a week. I don’t remember where I read it, though. Another thing is that using a product with horse oil, one doesn’t need to carry a beauty program with many products, since horse oil has almost everything the skin needs… But I have not bought anything with this ingredient, mainly because I don’t know exactly how the process to make the oil is made, and I just feel I need to know first. I good review about this product can be found on skinandtonics under the title Horse Oil, Skincare, & a Review of the Famous Guerisson 9 Complex Cream. (sighs)

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