February 7, 2016

The other week I spoke to Yvonne , who is one of the founders behind the Australian luxury handmade candle brand, Villa & Stone, born in Bronte – Sydney.

Villa & Stone creates handmade candles with 100% natural soy wax, pure cotton wicks and uses a mix of essential oils and natural fragrances to give each candle it’s signature scent.

Villa & Stone has 3 different collections, “Salt And Sand Hills“, gives you a hint of summer, “Life Love And Style, with citrus and woody tones, perfect for the winter months or the perfect scents for the man in your life and “Rivers And Rice Fields” which send you straight off to an exotic island.

I love to support small local business’s, that have a passion for what they do and put all their heart into it, read my interview with Yvonne and find out how and why Villa & Stone started and were her and her partner Benjamin got the inspiration from.

Interview - The Map Of Beauty

The Interview with Yvonne

  • Where did you get the idea to start Villa & Stone?

My partner and I are both designers, having worked in our fields for over ten years, and we had discussed the dream of combining our passion for interiors and styling with our creative skills. On a trip to Indonesia in 2013 we hatched this small idea of Villa and Stone. We fell in love with the beautiful botanical scents that we came across on our travels, and wanted to capture this experience in our own home, whilst creating something that was hand-made, natural and well designed.

Benjamin, my partner, and I were away in Bali for the first time together and loved the beautiful botanical scents we found in so many of the places we visited. We thought of how much we would love to re-create those natural scents, as well as the entire resort-style experience we were enjoying, in our own home. We wanted to combine our design and styling skills with our love of fresh botanicals, interior design and resort-style living. Once we arrived home after our travels to our Bronte studio, we continued to develop the concept, creating our first product, and so the Villa and Stone brand was born.

  • Where do you get the inspiration?

We both have a passion for design and styling and are always on the lookout for something to place on the coffee table. Whether it’s an ornament, a book, a bunch of flowers or a perfectly shaped stone. The inspiration for our scents definitely comes from our travels. Freshly cut flowers, ground spices and the zest of citrus. We spend hours playing with different scents and oils. You can smell our studio from across the street.

Villa & Stone review Scented candles

  • How do you make each candle?

After two years of trial and error, I think we finally have a method that works for us. Because our candles are small-batch produced, we wait for days where the weather isn’t too hot or cold, and pour 50-100 candles at a time. Heating the wax to just the right temperature, and then bringing it down to a suitable pouring temperature is crucial. We mix all of our own scents in the studio from the raw essential oils and natural fragrances, adding the mixture to the soy wax just before pouring into our glasses. We only use natural cotton wicks in our candles, which we secure at the base of the candle glass before we pour the hot wax in. The glass we use is a Scandinavian designed scotch glass, which is hand-blown and re-usable after you have finished with the candle. Generally, we leave our candles to set for no less than three days before the final packaging stage is done.

  • Where do you see Villa & Stone in 5 years?

We want to continue to create from the heart, and add the inspiration we gather into all of the products that we develop. We would definitely continue down our path of home and lifestyle, with an emphasis on hand-made and well-designed products. We have been blessed by having a small number of amazing stockists throughout Australia. We hope to build on this to bring Villa and Stone into the lives and homes of more people, both nationally and internationally.

  • And last…. Could you see Villa & Stone making other products or projects outside from candles?

Absolutely. This is something Benjamin and I are currently working on. We have high hopes for the brand, and to further develop Villa and Stone using our combined love of travel and resort-style living with our many years of design and styling experience.  We are hoping to release the next stage of Villa and Stone to you all sometime next year.

yvonne-kanti The Map Of Beauty 

Yvonne with a Rivers and Fields Candle, with it’s new hand-written type by Australia’s leading typographer Gemma O’Brien, created exclusive to Villa & Stone.
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