January 24, 2016

First we saw the Clarisonic, then came all the different Konjac Sponges, and now the FOREO Luna is here.
Yes, we are talking about a cleaning tools and I have been testing the LUNA from the Swedish brand FOREO.

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Before writing this review I used FOREO Luna, every morning and evening for 5 weeks.

So how does it work?
Remove all your make up, then apply your cleansing product, grab your Luna and with one press the vibrations start. The Luna has a variable speed, that is easy to turn up or down.
I start using Luna on my chin, then my cheeks, my forehead and I finish on my nose.
This should take about 2 minutes.


 Anti-Aging Mode
On the back of the device, you find the anti-aging mode, ( 2. picture in the right corner) turn the device down to the lowest speed and use it on the face 5 wrinkle-prone tension points.
Between your eyebrows, both temples and on both nasolabial folds. – My skin is to young to tell, if this work or not, but I did enjoy this little facial treat every day.

The Big Plus
LUNA is made of silicone, which makes it very soft and extremely easy too clean and the last part is  really important to me.
I can´t help it, but I need to compare the FOREO with the Clarisonic on the cleansing.
I do love the Clarisonic, it’s an amazing cleansing tools, but bacterias grow so well in warm environments. And the brush head on the Clarisonic, will be full of them, if you don’t pay attention to the fact, that it need to be cleaned and stay in a dry place (not lie on the side of the sink) every time you have used it and buy a new head every 4 month.
The FOREO is easy in that way, it doesn’t take up much space and you don’t have to change the head! And another big plus is that the battery last forever!
FOREO promise the device will last up to 450 uses.

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After 5 weeks.
I feel my skin is getting cleaner and my skin tone is much more even.
And the fact that I feel my skin is getting cleaner is because, my skin absorbs all my serums and creams much better when I use the FOREO.
Many girls get small bumps, or more tiny small dots on their forehead, close to the hairline, especially if they have bangs.
I get these very easy and here did LUNA an amazing job.
I spend a minute more on the problem area with a more calming cleanser (I used Grace Gentle Cleanser from Antipodes, amazing for sensitive skin!) and only a week later all the small dots was gone.

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So overall I’m really impressed!
I will highly recommend the LUNA!
But if you are a truly Clarisonic fan, I would stick to that.
The Luna is a bit different, but I find it easier and much more hygienic to use and I can bring it with me to the gym or on a holiday, without being worried about the cleaning and the battery.

And as you know I´m on a long traveling adventure, that will end in 2 weeks, when we reach Australia.
I hope I can find a new LUNA in Sydney, my skin really need this classing tool.
If I can find them, I think I will invest in a LUNA MINI this time, mostly because I can get it, in this cool pink color – Check it out here
And then I have one of each, if I ever get back to Denmark again…

Have you tried the Luna?? 



The Luna comes in 3 difference colors. White, Pink and Blue.

The White Luna is for very sensitive and irritated skin and instead of the nubs it has smooth silicone ridges.
The Pink Luna is for sensitive to normal skin, this one has small nubs and on the top, the nubs is a bit bigger to give a deeper cleansing around the nose and around the hairline.
The Blue Luna is for normal to combination skin, it looks a lot like the Pink one, but they had just added to rows of the larger nubs in the middle of the small nubs.
See them all here

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      1. Thanks!
        Yes that is the pain with Clarisonic. You will find it so much easier with FOREO Please let me know what you think about it, if you try it 🙂

    1. I’ve been using it for about week now and I’m already in love! Any breakouts seem to fade faster and my skin texture has definitely improved! Such a great little tool.

      1. Yes, it’s one of my favorite tools and I can really see on my skin if I haven’t used it.. 🙂 So glad they also have made a travel size.

    1. im so tempted to try this after reading your post!!! I have 2 clarisonic! One regular one mia, but both have battery problem and batter dies super fast after I used it for 1 year or 2 now i m annoyed by it.
      thanks for the post its so detailed!

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